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Well?! Are they or Aren't They?!!

You know I’m going to talk about it, right? I mean, everyone else is, why not me? I’m human too, and a geek… and oh never mind. You get my point.

To be honest, I don’t know what to think. Could be yes, could be no. Either way, at some point who are we to judge. If it is true, then what is the harm. It’s not like he is letting her get away with murder or something or putting others in harms way, right? Doesn’t he have a chance at happiness too? Sure, she might be something of a villain or an anti-villain (it's a grey area sometimes) and he is the worlds most recognized hero. It wouldn't be the first match I would put together. But didn't Romeo and Juliet start that way.... and end tragically. OK bad example. But there must be a half dozen stories of people who fall in love and find themselves on opposite ends of a war or a family feud, or a cross universal encounter who then have to ponder life without that extra-normal entity from another earth. And Who hasn’t dated someone who was so totally wrong for them?

Guys, you all have had that one relationship that showed you what you don’t want. You had that person that you thought was great until you realized that you were up to your necks in poison or apathy. Or you got cold cocked by her looks, her demeanor, or that sweet smile only to find that ugly is to the bone, nice has it's own issues, and that sweet smile can sometimes hide the bile of bitter resentment and expectorated parental issues. Don't get me started on the ones who, let's face it, are just kind of crazy, looking to settle down far too fast, demanding a baby on the first date before revealing that deep down they just want to harvest you genetic structure for mad scientist experiments brought on by lizard people secretly trying to rid the world of humans that have that one specific marker that you happen to be carrying. Who hasn't that happened to? (David, if you are reading this, I agree. High school was weird and I never really liked Annalee that much anyway.)

Ladies, come on. You too. You have had that one that you had to run screaming from even though you were with that person for how long? A few years? A few dates? Decades? They could be a secret abuser, controlling, ill equipped for the romance, far too devoted to other people in his life or just won't come out of the closet. I knew a friend of mine who dated a man who turned out to be a bex invader in a skin suit. That didn't go well. Then after that, her next boyfriend was seduced and almost destroyed by Amy Araziel on one of her less psychotic days. Her next relationship eventually came out of the closet. They are great friends now, I'm told, and still fight over men. [So if you happen to be in San Niebla area and are looking for something stable, let me know. I have two people looking for the best men in town.] I know for some people things are different, but if you were not in that relationship, you know others who were. Right?

I myself, I had to deal with a girl who seduced me and was convinced that she was the child of Oberon and Titania. (The characters from Midsummer's Night’s Dream not the sadistic being that claims to be the last of the dark fae folk currently sealed in a magic lamp incarcerated in Graves Penitentiary. She was very adamant about it. ) She tried to convince me of her divine heritage, her power as a magician, and her frailty as a human shell. She also claimed that I was bearing the weight of guilt of inadvertently causing the destruction of Midean, the lost place of monsters. (For those who don't know, it's a story from Clive Barker.) Being young and stupid, I followed along for a while until I realized there was spiritual, open minded, a certain quixotic self identity that you had to appreciate, and then there was bugnuts crazy. There are those who don’t understand the difference. The sex might have been clouding my judgement somewhat. I’m glad I had a mentor who could see it from a mile away. It helped that he once dated a woman who claimed that he was a high priest of Atlantis. Considering that the modern Atlanteans are staunch followers of an unnameable deity from beyond the stars, he didn’t believe her for a second.

(Note, a friend of mine remarked that everyone who was "reincarnated from Atlantis" usually was a king, a princess, a high something or other. Where the hell was all the Atlantian janitors and agrarian workers? On with the show...)

Still, there are people out there who make it work. I have known polyamourists and monogamous people who have gotten married and bred. I can't say how long the average marriage like this has lasted but for some it ends with a nice cup of tea and a reasonable conversation and for others it ends a rain of hell fire. I have known multiple religions, different political affiliations, and on the rare occasions, different genus and species to have great relationships. We are talking humans and elves here, people. Stop watching those other things on the internet people. It's not good for you in those quantities. (Note: I always thought elves taking a human lover was like having a great pet from the elves perspective. They live for thousands of years, don't they? If anyone has studied the, what, 4 known cases of elves, please let me know. It fascinates me to no end.) There is some debate if Humans and Metahumans are still in the same species, but most of the rhetoric I have read on the matter is more than a little racist. Don't google it. Really!

Is it really our business if they are an item? Like i said at the top, they aren't hurting anyone, are they? What if he is a good influence on her? I know, you could counter the opposite but how many temptations as this man survived over the years and still doubled down on his philanthropic philosophy? Doesn't that earn him one time caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak? Call me crazy, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

So, let's address the other side of the equation. What if it’s false? Then this is just either a misunderstanding by the masses in general.

It wouldn’t be the first time. Remember when that sex tape got released on the internet that people were sure was Glory with some unidentified male? To this day, she claims it isn’t her but a good double, even after a company released it as a DVD, “One Night of Glory.” Later, it was revealed that Dollhouse had manufactured a lookalike body, even though there were “experts” and “conspiracy theorists” who would show “evidence” to the contrary. Here now is an innocent meta-celebrity who has to deal with nagging rumors for the rest of her life because of one lousy frame up. I’m also accusing those who went nuts on this yet didn’t blink an eye when Starstruck intentionally “leaked” her own video with actor Thompson Crabbe. Further proof that you should never outshine that woman.

We live in a world of shapeshifters, illusionists, magic, super-science, evil twins, and strange doppelgangers. Who can tell who is actually doing what in front of a camera? Sure the footage shows her powers in use, and his for that matter, but as we know from Burlesque, powers can be faked with the right technology.

[Edit: I’m being told that people don’t know about Burlesque, formerly known as Madam Quantum. According to several back channel lists and obsessive compulsives I call friends, She was there during the Infinite Quantums event a few years ago, going by Madam Quantum and claiming to be his child from another universe, possibly from the Vuldrox Empire that he mentions visiting in in his memoir. Later it was determined that not only was she not his daughter, but was his long lost GF from the Vuldrox using space opera tech to replicate his powers. Last I hear, she was in the Big Easy, or Archway fighting for sex workers and women’s rights. Everyone caught up now? I forget how much is not known by the public. Sorry about that.]

So really, it could mean anything.

I know like any mass media obsessed followers of the god-like celebrities out there, we will watch every second over and over again. We will argue points, forget the principles we thought we were addressing in the first place and settle into long standing beliefs that none will able to shake.

Until the next major scandal comes along.

Whatever. If you are looking for an opinion from me, your humble chronicler of the issues of the day, I wish them the best, if it’s true. We all need love in our lives and we all need something that give life that spark we can never fathom until we touch it and breathe it in. If it’s not true, I’m going to keep the picture from Action Magazine on my wall. If nothing else, it’s gorgeous.

Good Luck, Doctor Quantum and Water Witch. Either way.

Keep Dreaming


Edit: I’m told there are those out there who don’t know who Water Witch is. Come on, people! The internet is made for more than porn… Like this blog, for example.

I guess I should mention who she is. I’ll add it to the wiki.

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