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I am a writer and a creator.  Here you can find the books I have published.

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Faulty Destinies
Book I: All the Wrong Places


Lieutenant Kor Mendall is having a bad week. 

First, his new commander either is going to kill him or marry him.  After that, he gets sent on a mission to an uncharted planet looking for a crashed enemy ship only to have a third of his squad eaten by the trees. Then a crazy woman who just might be the living embodiment of evil abducts him.  Not to mention that she keeps calling him, “consort.”

Now he has to defeat a robot army, find his remaining squad, solve a mystery, plan a wedding, and write one hell of a mission report.

Some things were never in basic training.


Faulty Destinies Book I: All the Wrong Places is the beginning saga of magic, war, deception, sex, lies, mistaken beliefs, more sex, and the star systems that will live or die because of a pair of star-crossed lovers.

Available on Amazon

In Kindle and Paperback formats

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