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What Can I Say?


I am a writer, a spiritualist, and a dreamer, though my resume insists that I am IT Services and Desktop Support, currently living in Houston.   

I’m a poor man’s counselor, a mystic trying to understand life, and a geek extraordinaire.   I am a huge fan of Star Wars, Star Trek and a multitude of other shows and movies.  I have been following the Heroes since I was small and saw Golden Eagle in New Amsterdam.  Since then, I have been obsessed with the legendary aspect of godlings among the mortals.  And yes, I still read comics.  


I have three published books out (one is under a pen name so I can only refer to it as my Other Book) and another coming to completion.  I will have links to those here as well.   It might surprise you, or not, to know that the books are science fiction and supernatural related. I have dozens that just wait to be completed and hopefully one day will.  I spend much of my time writing, drawing, reading, absorbing media and playing games.  


I have been a Computer game designer, a teacher, an office manager, and office slave, a counselor in training, a tarot card reader, and a writer.  I’m 40+ and still have no idea where my life is going.  If I had a dream job it would be writing comics or novels. 

I’m constantly worried about paying bills, having friends, and the state of the world like everyone else.  I have high hopes and dreams.  (I wear a Blue Lantern Ring for a reason).


Mostly, I’m a dreamer.  Want to come dream with me?  Might get something amazing.


Keep Dreaming,



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