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This is our first attempt as a RPG Lets' Play Podcast.

Set in the Babylon 5 Universe, the Luxury liner Celestia is taking new colonists and dilitants to the newest ISA world.  Things are going fine, until a shuttle shifts out of reality for a split second and a blue brain is found in the aisle.  Things get stranger from there.

Join Du'li, an undercover Narn trying to find the source of the drug, Amber, and her good name back, Ty, a Brikiri space trucker just looking for the next big score until things go horribly wrong for her and her son, and mr'gr'rat, a pak'ma'ra scientist, telepath, and explorer of all things culture, as they try to solve mysteries, deal with ancient aliens, drug dealers, body thieves, possessing entities and may be even the awakening of long dead races.

COME!  Join your host Lord Padini Foglio on a story of adventure, horror, and things that couldn't stay buried on...


Welcome Aboard!

Also available on Youtube!

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