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This is a fiction blog about superheroes told from the point of view of one man living in it.  This is my attempt to write something meaningful about my life and about that which I love, superheroes!

But it doesn’t have to be just me. This blog is also an experiment.  I want to find others who are willing to write, draw, create with me about a world where heroes are inspiration again.  Legends and Lore are at our doorstep and on the front pages of every paper/browser/tablet in the world.  Political lines change, aliens exist, humanity copes and doesn’t cope as it usually does and there are people we can still  look up to and those who don’t. I’ll have more about the world in future entries.

Some might ask “Daniel, why are you doing this when other people have their own comics out right now and telling their own story?”  (Yes, I pulled that question from your mind.  MAGIC!)  There is a good answer.  I am a huge reader of comics and lover of superheroes for decades.  However, in recent years comics have been too commercialized, less heart, less inspiring, less stimulating. I was once a DC fan but can’t read what is being released now.  Marvel lost me years ago, though I have to give them credit for doing some great achievements.  Image is barely doing supers and other companies are only now looking at a good avenue to some degrees.  In the end, I wanted something more.  

Now I have talked with independent writers and artists at cons, found friends, and explained situations.  Basically, I got back several responses.  Some want to work in a collaborative cohesive universe like the ones that DC and Marvel have been cultivating with almost a century of history in one and well over half in another.  People know the stories, the characters, dare I say it, the Legends. They have watched crossovers, interacting story lines and loved every minute.  They would all love to work in something like that.  But they say that they would hate to make characters, put their heart and soul into it, only to have that company lay claim to the work, pay them little, and make sure others work on it.  It’s like giving a child up for adoption by a soulless corporation who will milk them for all they are worth and not give any credit to the creators.  I understand.  For those, I offer premade characters and a universe to work in.  There is plenty of room to write and create as the world has many spaces to fill.  And yes if you have a character that you think works and it becomes a success, I’m willing to work with you.

For others, they talk about not having to worry about world building when it’s done already.  While there are plenty of places to grow and a universe is never static, there are many aspects to work with and a sense of cohesion with other creators.  Something great can be made together.

So this is me, establishing a world, finding the heart to write, and inviting others to help create a comic universe.  

We here at Temporal Productions believe in this adage:


Be the change you want in the world … of comics.  


We mean it.  


What would you like to see in the world?  What kind of stories inspire you?  Write for the mature crowd, the intellectual, and/or the emotional.  Find that story that awakens something in you.  That is what we want.

Before you get excited, this is not a job offer.  Until this gets off the ground, this is done on a volunteer basis. Once it does start a profit, then there will be recompence.


Now I know what you’re thinking, (telepathy!) and you are right.  You have heard this song and dance before, people wanting creators to work for free.  At the moment, I can offer you a percentage based on your work.  Right now, that percentage is staggeringly low. And trust me, percentages of negative numbers are really depressing.  But that is just for the moment.  At the same time, this is about creation.  How many of you will get a chance to work on something you love to do anyway.  I will ALWAYS offer you recognition for your work.  I will ALWAYS work with you to tell the tale you want to.  I will ALWAYS do my best to communicate and help build a portfolio if you wish. (Yeah, I hate that phrase too) and yes, it’s a way to get your foot in the door.  I hate that phrase as well.  It’s been hammered into us to get things for free for far too long.  

In the end, it’s about creation, expression, and building what you want in the world.  

It’s also about form of expression. Do you write? Draw? Make strange conspiracy videos?  Video Games? Cosplay?  It doesn’t matter.  Expression is expression and we want to see what you do.

If you want to work with us, please email me.  (See Contact Us)

Until then, I will be updating with Blog entries, character information, and world history.  Enjoy this new universe unfolding and see what you get.

Thanks again, Internet.  Keep Dreaming
Daniel E

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