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Where have you been?

Sorry all.

I know many of you have been asking me a lot of questions, or at least thinking a lot of questions loud enough that I can hear them. For those of you who are projecting telepaths, please stop. It's getting hard to sleep at night. I get the questions all the time: When are you writing again? What's with the delay? What happened to you? What happened when you got to Space City? Did Semper SubRosa contact you again? Should I get that rash looked at by a professional.

First off, Yes. That rash looks nasty and I don't think topical cream is going to do the job this time.

Second, I haven’t written in a while for a several factors. First and foremost, do you have any idea how heavy book boxes are? My wife and I are something of bibliophiles and currently without the assistance of Klldozer or Brian. However, that didn’t take the most time. Job hunting has provided the greatest distraction until recently. Kay still toils as a Pharm Tech in an environment that she tries not to mention makes her wish she had pyrokinetic powers, a flame based costume, and several shots of strong liqueur. Instead, we are opting for occasional glasses of wine, Epson salt baths, and a variety of low calorie mint ice cream. I keep lighters away from her right now, just to keep the ideas from her head. Seriously, if you know of an opening in the industry in Space City, please let us know. Please!

I have been getting off and on jobs and after months of looking might (i stress the word MIGHT) have something significantly long term that we can finally get an apartment. This place that we found we move into at the end of the week after a long time in searching. No one told us that three major and dysfnctional slumlords masquerading as viable companies decided Space City was the new hotness for the rental market about 2 years ago. They then bought as many properties as they legally could, jacked the rent and destroyed livablity for those in them unless you were staggeringly rich. (Yes, we have the staggeringly rich here too you know. It's an energy town after all.) Add this with the 92% occupancy rate and well, the hunt was just that, a hunt. Thankfully, we found a place that seems good. Wish us luck.

So, I want to get back to writing but looking for a job, looking for an apartment, loosing 50 lbs, and trying to keep sane with the massive change in life isn't easy. I'm also working on longer mediums, namely one novel (which is finishing edits soon and cover art soon) as well as a series of novellas based on the accounts of various heroes and the stories i have been getting from the net. Be on the look out for those in the future. Rest assured, I will mention it here, on my facebook page, and the other modes of communication that i need to register on so you will know when it arrives.

Oh, and thanks to a number of artists, I have more FAN ART coming your way! Be on the look out!

Thanks all. I'll keep you informed.

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