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Exiled from Agony

Gone, gone am I.

The job that was trying to kill me has agreed with me that I should be somewhere else. The fun part; they begged me to stay a full three weeks after I gave them my notice. They needed someone to train my replacement, they said, that I had to finish work from a huge project they were about to do, a project that I had never been trained on, I should mention. Begrudgingly, and because I’m too much of a nice guy (or a coward, take your pick, I don’t mind) I told them sure and braced myself for a fresh round of hell. That all changed by the time lunch rolled around. When I got the call from HR, I knew what was about to happen. I was quickly escorted out of the building, my bag full of my possessions, and my hat in my hand. They let me keep the picture of me meeting Lady Quantum they had from the security cameras, so that was nice of them while they informed me that they couldn’t get rid of me fast enough.

One thing I love about this town? The consistency. I can consistently assume that they will praise me and damn me to make themselves look good. Of course, in this town, it seems the best way to get someone to look good is by stomping on others. So like I said, consistency.

Still I was happy to be out of there. It was decent pay, but what good is money if you don’t live long enough to spend it. Kay, on her end, has been blessing the water cooler, eating foods rich in garlic, and drawing pentagrams in salt under the welcome mat for weeks. She has had enough of people trying to drain her as well. One of her coworkers, the one that almost got her fired for literally obeying the company policy (I wish I was kidding), almost got staked when she took her new job. Apparently she forgot to tell her new employer, the devoutly Greek Orthodox employer, that she’s a blood drinking creature of the night. According to the rumor mill, he told his priest, who told the catechism, who informed the Night Watchmen, who took it upon themselves to rid the world of one more demon. Thankfully, they staked her on the right side of the chest, telling her to “ship up and fly right from now on,” whatever that means. Kay is happy that she wasn’t killed but couldn’t help but feel delighted. Sure, she was a vampire, a creature of the night, and a drainer of blood and souls who would kill or destroy easily, but she was also a bitch who liked to get other people in trouble to boost her own ego and career. Not unlike, see above.

Oh, the other vampire that tried to get her fired? Yeah, they found out she had been feeding on the board of directors and enthralling them to get a better position. She was also sleeping with her boss. So they fired her. Then the spouses of the enthralled directors found her and they fired her again. By which I mean, they set her on fire. What’s most surprising is they had a permit to do it. Amazing what statutes and bylaws one can find if one looks. Apparently it’s covered under an extermination policy for virulant diseases and parasites. Several vampire rights groups are trying to get it repealed but until then all it takes is a legal professional, the right paper work, and a simple 5150. I guess that “Danger to Others” thing is taken pretty far.

I'm not going to get dragged into a political shouting match about "vampire rights" versus "safety of the species" on my own blog. This is supposed to be about the metahuman events in my town and around the world. Maybe show a bit of hope in the world. You want to shout about that, there are dozens of websites to go nuts on. Not mine. Now if you excuse me, there is a werewolf howl around here somewhere hosted by the most laid back demon you ever met who has a recipie for Beef Wellington he claims to be borrowed from Anubis himself. And I'm going to find it. Or maybe a beer. Whatever.

Still, it’s good to be out of there. Packing continues as well as getting rid of furniture. In this town, it’s a lot harder than it looks. For one, every charity in every other city I have ever lived in will be more than happy to come and pick up the stuff you are giving them for free so they can sell at a profit. Not here. Here there are only two charities that will pick up. One doesn’t want furniture and the other won’t reasonably arrive to pick it up or do any lifting. Sigh.

In the meantime we hired a few movers to help us lug stuff out. Many of the services out there weren’t great or had mixed reviews. Two, even after poor reviews charged more than a hundred bucks more than just about any other company we looked at. Brawny Movers on the other hand, got great reviews, came with a truck, and are pretty inexpensive. I think it helps that they hire metas to most of the heavy lifting. I’m told to expect two guys, Brian and Killdozer, to come help when we fill our MoveCubes.

Wish us luck.

Now, where did I put my tape gun. I always put it down then lose it….

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