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Hey all,

I bet you are wondering, "Daniel, When are you going to talk about that GTI invite you had? What happened? Why are you taking so long? Do they really make snickerdoodle oreoes?"

Thanks for your concern. And yes they do. Go find them. But don't send them to me, I can't eat them.

The reason for the delay has mostly to do with the shock of what I saw and experienced, as some would say, in the heart of the beast. For those of you who are loyal Triscaler fans, you are welcome to your opinions and I honor your inner geek too. Please don't turn this into a shouting match. However, I have a hard time trusting the people who made the Xeroscape device in the first place and may or may not have contributed to the near apocalypse we experienced a few years ago. If you can't remember which one, you are too young.

The other reason had to do with the posts I promised to do. These are now complete and I'm getting my experiences down. In the meantime, to calm and detox, Donut City Comic-Con was in town. While I was there, I got some fan art. Seemed like a good time as any to show it. I want to thank the artists involved and the hundreds of other writers, artists and believers who all attended. You do good work. Keep it up. For those of you who I couldn't get art from, please be patient. I need more money.

First up (Ladies first), Stefanie Battalene (Jadieart on Tumbler) gave us a great interpretation of Cosmic Girl, sans her ever present partner, Captain Mongo. (or is it Migo...any one help?)

I love how she captured the fierce spirit of the Astro-hero, FUN!

Then a newcomer to the scene, from Las Salvas, vice capitol of the world we get the Quantum Queen, drawn by Margret Wyman of

I love the fun she had with the Quantum villian, the playful 1950's pinup style that fits like a glove. Normally I'm not one to get fan art of the villians, particularly one who has only emerged in the last, what, month? but it was a great find.

Next up, and rounding out our ladies, a double pairing of Lady Quantum and our favorite Utopist, Dr. Quantum. brought to us by Fred Chao.

Yes it's playful for a faux comic cover, but the appearance was a nice take. I swear even the title looked like one of the covers I got from Watchface a long time ago. Actually it's eerie like issue #137... I'm going to have to find that again....

However, this isn't our only take on the Good Doctor. Next up, a darker take by Adam Borden of

It reminds me of the stories of the Dark Times Dr. Quantum writes about in his first autobiography, after dealing with the death of his old partner, Stinger. The hard edge and determination shows of the power of this meta. K says it reminds her of a cool silver age cover. I can't disagree.

Lastly, and by no means least, this full bodied fan art that really captured the what it means to be Quantum, the joy, the power, and remembering what it means to be a hero who means the best for everyone. Thanks to Jack Ciolli (

Thanks to all the great artists and creators out there who are loving the events in the Quantum-Verse. If you love it too, and want to make some fan art, I would love to see it. Feel free to look at the (slowly building) wiki for more inspiration. Inspired by someone you read about but not actually seen them? I can even send over the samples and photos I have to go by. Just let me know what you would like.

As always, Keep Dreaming


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