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Well, between strange encounters, random supervillain activity, Sludge getting put in bio-toxic zoo, and the general chaos of life we call being an adult, I know I forgot to mention so many things that have happened over the last few weeks. It’s not like I didn’t have a buttload to talk about between Doctor Quantum announcing the franchising, the rise of a new Sentinel Society, and I only have time to update this once a week (soon, my pet, soon I will tell tales and spend all day at my keyboard updating this blog and letting people see the real me in the view of this seemingly four color world in which we live. One day, I shall be a professional…. But it is not this day. BTW, anyone remembering writing at work when there was little to do at the office or when you had caught up on all your work? I heard a secret once about a woman who writes the dirtiest erotica she could think of while she was at work and she hoped that her boss would never catch her doing it. This isn’t me, by the way. I write the dirtiest erotica on my lunch break on my own laptop when people aren’t trying to read over my shoulder because they are insensitive pricks who need to mind their own business. I’m looking at you, Bubba. Now go away. Thank you. Remember when you couldn’t be sued for this sort of crap? I digress.) So the world progresses. The supervillain has made it to the primaries. I’m not even going to say the name of this whack-job other than to say it’s going to be an interesting election. And possibly our last. Choose wisely, my friends. The Economy of Bridgeton continues to boom, or more accurately, fester. There is little room for the swell to grow so it packs onto itself over and over.

There have been more and more Candy wrappers floating on the wind and that should scare me to the core. The flyers for the Church of Gravitational Constant have made their way to the TRANs station, littering the floor more than I like, but at least it’s there and not being passed out by caped wearing acolytes of his Holiness, Grand Master Grav. That’s San Niebla level of weird. GTI announced another level of expansion. They called a press conference where Xander Scope,flanked by Formosa, Thunder strike, and a fleet of ADAM units, announced the acquisition of some office park space in outer Ducklyn… right across the street from our apartment complex. Kay and I both flipped the Bird at the screen when we saw it. There went our rent or any chances of finding reasonable accommodations… ever. More on that impact later.

But there are good things around too. The Quantum Academy, people still just call it “the Hill” has been trying to promote both their efforts at community building and looking for recruits in the area. I think I saw a few people taking the tram on tryout day. However, it could have just as easily been groupies or other enthusiasts of the meta variety. Funny enough GTI also held tryouts on the same weekend so the rivalry continued. I can only hope that these two institutions never have football teams or a charity softball tournament. I doubt this or any other city would survive, and that’s just the fans! Granted if they did play a tournament of anything from dodge ball to chess, great and global powers would probably attend to keep reality safe and lesser heroes would have to step up to the plate in a big way. That many metas in one place would leave a significant gap any villain worth their sulfur would try to exploit. My bet, the next time there is a championship for best meta around, we would loose Cleaveland. This is assuming Buckeye and Brutus are willing to leave their city. I hear they do good work.

And yes, I am excited for the recent barrage of Movie trailers they released. I’m damn excited to see biopic of the Kestrel, First in Flight, but I’m worried the race card will be flung at the audience like a bad magician at a poker game. Look, I get that she was a Chinese american woman in 1920’s in a state known for its racism and that wasn’t easy. Hell, the trailers make it look positively brutal. I don’t want to make little of that situation that needs to be shown as a dark underbelly of our central civilization. I mean, I knew she started off as a washer woman when she was like 6 and all, and all harsh realities of daily life have to be appreciated for that But that’s not the past I’m interested in. This is the first Kestrel, people! Number one! This is one of the first Masked Avengers to pop up and clean the streets armed with barely more than her wits, a mask, and two revolvers. It’s was like she fell out of a pulp adventure comic and right in the middle of Bridgeton. Sure there wasn’t much of a town, not like there is today, but the crime was rampant and here she was, no backup, no special gadgets or powers, just her. And this was at the time when people like the Cane and Dread Midnight the first showed up on the scene, not long after Captain Lyons and Elizabeth Lambert both retired and the Stoker disappeared. Still, if they do any justice to the character, I’m going to be in line for this one.

Then there is the fifth Black Terror movie, which looks oddly good, and the twenty second reboot of Target and Pyroman. I love these characters so much but really, can’t we just get a few of them right. For the record, I think the Target animated series is really good and Pyroman, well, I have such a fascination of this character. I just wish those who kept doing the movies with him, you know, read the material! Of course they did get Geoffry Robins on this go round as an executive producer, which, if history is anything to go by, will either be legendary or just suck. We will find out this November, won’t we.

This world is so huge sometimes, even when galactic powers stand in the sky and call us puny. There are so many stories, so many heroes and villains and those who defy either label. So many people just making their way, engaged, blind, or incoherent to the world around them on so many levels, and yet the technicolor world blossomed with tales and legends so quickly I can barely take the time to catalog them let alone report on the strangeness of daily life. Every day, a new story, of which I can barely make a dent in telling. New saviors arrive from beyond imagining to start their quest for greater glories, like Penelope, or as her handle calls themselves, the Role Player. I can’t even tell you all the personas she has manifested with that magic die. Old legends make their presence known to remind us of what horrors we have survived and what wonders we have witnessed. Hell, Humbaba the Ogre got bored in is self imposed exile and destroyed Barstow, Arizona. Thankfully it was just a settlement of several dozen and not a major town, like the time he attacked Sin City, leveling the Augustus Palace Casino and nearly taking out the Oasis before the Paramericans finally managed to put him down. He still kept asking everyone his riddles though. I read that one 98 year old man who had lived there for most of his life answered three in a row standing up to the monstrous beast. Humbaba gave him a golden staff (Gods know where he got it or where he was keeping it,) patted his head and left. Whomever that guy is, sir, I salute you! (I don’t suppose you would let anyone photograph or scan said staff would you? Nothing so far? Ok fine. How much is a fight to Barstow anyway? There are no flights to Barstow and the nearest airport would cost me how much? So much for that plan.)

And so the world turns. The story progresses and things must change. To that end, as I mentioned before, I guess this is our way of announcing it but we are leaving Bridgeton soon. Not right away as we are waiting out our lease. I’ve started applying for jobs in other cities because of it. Honestly, and this is a post on it’s own, Kay and I have had enough. We no longer fit in this place and the sooner we find a place where we do fit, the better. And with the rents skyrocketing, the soul sucking jobs, and over all, a feeling of loneliness and isolation we feel, we can’t survive here, just as we couldn’t survive San Niebla.

For the record, I heard about the Anarchist Army building in Ashland, the GTI take over of the San Niebla city council, and the swarms of Deep Things that pretty much now own most of the Treasure Island Port. I’m not going to say much more than I wish those I know there the best. I hope they are safe, that order comes back, and that things turn out ok. If not I know several metas ready to step in and at least one house of magic dedicated to keeping Berkeley safe… and weird but that’s a different story. All will be well people.

And it’s that same feeling that we sense building here. We know that we were the accidental vanguard of invasion up here, or at least it seemed like it and we will miss many things about the area, mostly the weather, the mountains, and several local metas. I’m going to miss the Golden Grog and the casual friends I have made there as well, but we have to be where we can make a living safely and sanely. I’ll update as more news arrives.

In the meantime, people, do what you have to do in this strange and amazing world. Keep up the faith when you can, seek solice in others when you can’t. Look out for the villains in your life, and fight for what you think is right. And as always…

Keep Dreaming.


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