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Hello Out there In Internet Land…

It’s been an interesting week. I mean nothing huge in the “I got a job and don’t have to worry about money” or “I won the Lottery” or even “We pay our respects to…” but still stuff going on. My book continues apace. The good news about my current job is the lunch hour as I have mentioned. I’m getting at least a good 500 words a lunch break. The bad news includes the duration limit for said job. And away I go. At least this will give me more time to write, while I look of another job lead.

The Adventures of Kor and Kara continue. If anyone knows a good and cheap cover artist, feel free to write me. I have one lead on an agent for their first book, and an editor I didn’t know I had, sent me back some edits. Some good, some, well, not so good. But what do you want in free editing, huh? Or to quote Dan Aykroyd “So I ask you, what y’all want for nothing? A Rubber biscuit?”

If you are reading me and have no idea what I’m talking about, go rent Blues Brothers. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. *hums softly to self.* Oh, you’re back. Good movie huh? Anyway, back to the blog.

I’m glad to write as much as I can, time permitting. I mean, you have to apply yourself to something in life, right? Can’t just go drifting. I say it like that rather than the current vernacular; “Always follow your dreams.” That little ditty rubs me the wrong way. Not for it’s message of hope and determination to find what you love best in this life, but because it always forgets that rent is an issue and Science fiction, until recently, was rarely a stable let alone prosperous career for anyone who didn’t met the Stephen King/Robert Heinlein/Guy-who-wrote-the-Martian level of exposure and consumption. So I continue what I love and deal with the rest later. So if someone HAPPENS to know a good agent, or HAPPENS to be creative director for a publishing house, or just so HAPPENS to be the continuity editor for a line of comics in desperate need of a good writer, I wouldn’t be adverse to a little conversation. Just saying.

Until then I keep this up, my word count when I can get it and otherwise keep by brain entertained. Someone once told me that no matter what I would be writing, if nothing else than to keep sane. I think there is a validity in that statement. I mean, it’s a calling and drive as much as some people put on the cape and sail around the city. Sometimes, it’s what you have to do. And like all those colorful names and costumes, and less colorful names and costumes, there is space for all, which in and of itself is a problem as well as a blessing.

I know everyone hates those “I’m a writer and you know what I hate about the writing industry” posts so I’m not going to say that at all. I have had some good experiences about writing and some bad experiences. I can say the same thing about being a computer game designer, another career if someone HAPPENS to need a good one… Each experience with each individual field is tailored to be positive or negative to that person based on the previous experience and outlook on life. There are days when I truly miss the long hours at a keyboard typing away at plots or technical manuals for a company that was producing magic of one form or another. The company I worked for, during my stay, produced two games with others coming in later years. One was hailed as a crowning achievement. The other almost caused a companywide collapse even after I told them not to keep the ending they created. I won’t name names or titles but let’s just say if you bought a certain horror game in the around the turn of the millennia and hated the ending, count your luck stars. At least the one released was boring and nonsensical. The original was much worse.

Did those experiences make me think about the industry differently? Yes. Was I completely destroyed and disillusioned about my career choice at the time? Not at all. In the end, I know it’s a tough market and there are plenty of people in it who will tell you they know what they are doing when the truth couldn’t be further. There are egos, ignorance, blind spots, and that need that America is so good at cultivating, to be the best at everything and screw anyone who says differently. I know this is true in all careers So in the meantime, I sit here, writing this blog, writing my novel, and despising the job hunt ahead of me.

Sigh. Maybe I should apply to GTI after all. I kind of hate them, but they would not be the most evil company I have ever worked for. That goes to a snack manufacturer where I worked for six months. I had to be part of a display project, organization, and networking, for something highly synthesized, strangely greesy, overly processed in chip form that was touted as a “full serving of vegetables for when your kid won’t eat.” The applauding during the rollout was thunderous and I was awestruck at the evil. Oh, well. Not my call. And how bad could GTI be? Sure they have made machines we know to have been hazardous before, but who can say they never had any screw ups? And yes, I have my own opinions of the Triscalers but they haven’t killed anyone… that I’m aware of.

But work has to happen, writing needs to be done, and life has to continue.

Hey, who knows? Maybe things will HAPPEN in a good way and for the best of reason. It could HAPPEN.

Keep dreaming, I know I will.


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