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It Figures... and Mugs!

First off some good news. For those of you following me, you might be astute enough to see the new image. Yes, it’s my new Quantum mug! Regrettably, it’s not an official one, not licensed by the Quantum LLC for purposes of branding. I wish it was. I was at my local comic shop when the vinyl decals came in. I grabbed the first one I found and a nice (huge) mug from an art supply store and slapped it on. I can’t wash it very often or the decal will go bye-bye but it’s a nice pencil holder until I can get a new one. I’ll have to rely on my other titanic mugs I use, the DC comics Justice League mug I got when the WB still had a store and a “Wisconsin” mug I got from my brother on his wedding day. The later was filled with cheese curds when I received it. It’s nice having reliable dishes for your coffee and tea respectively, doubly so when they can hold entire meals worth of hot beverages

[Edit: Bonus points for my regular follower Electropop for pointing out that this is in fact a Kid Quantum/Quantum Queen logo. A standard Dr. Quantum/Questor symbol is inversed in color. 200 points but you can risk everything in the speed round….]

If anyone is interested I’m still looking for several pieces to

complete my set. If you happen to find mugs, t-shirts, or official action figures (mint condition not required) for any of the following, please let me know:

Dr. Quantum or any of the regulars of the Quantum Family or Quantum’s Questors (save for the Spot, Raguel, Vixen, or Slipstream. I have Webgirl and Dr Quantum but they barely survived the move and need repair. I lost the entire visor to Dr. Quantum. Very important as the nation’s most prominent near sighted hero.)

Paramericans: Most of the standard team I think still has action figures and they only made the logo for Glory, Columbia, and Slammer. Turns out Nightshift’s moon emblem they are unable to copyright and as far as I can tell they don’t want Omen or Infernal to be common household names. So I don’t expect to find a huge mug for them, let alone a T-Shirt. I mean Omen was supposed to be a state secret until he informed minds of the entire DC area. As for Infernal, when a guy carries a battle ax that looks like a pitchfork, teleports through fire and dress like Lucifer and Wolverine had a very bad child, then i can understand the hesitation. The phrase "american devil" still has weight in certain parts of the world, no sense on making a 6 inch plastic version of that icon of american hatred... except it would have been cool! I have an old prototype for a Glory action figure but it’s seen better days. I got a Glory shirt for Kay a while ago. What can I say? I like the shirt on her, partly because of the colors and emblem looks so good on her and partly because the lines show off her curves. Win Win right? Shut up!

Flight of Champions: These get tricky as almost all of them are unofficial reproductions thanks to an injunction filled by the Illuminator on behalf of the team. They still deny any sort of knowledge of the Green Man. Come one people, we have all seen the footage. I have no idea where he came from but stop ignoring him. However, I have seen fan done figures. The best was an Illuminator where someone found not only but the 3M light fabric for the sleeveless coat, but also the reflective paint they use on roadways. It‘s a great looking figure even if the picture is barely more than a shine.

GTI: OK here is where I draw the line. I like some of the figures they released, and of all the major super teams out there, they have released the most, even going to far as to use their government connections to get the rights to convicted criminals for purposes of merchandising villains. Now their villain series is amazing and far more extensive than my wallet can handle (though if someone does find a Tom Foolery and Rag Doll Playtime Combo Pack and accessory under $100, I’m willing to make a deal. First check the figures though. They haven’t found all the trapped ones let alone the series V. The robotic figures that come to life have been the bane of Targets for three years now and I can only imagine what would happen if they managed to end up in this house.)

There are other I wouldn’t mind getting or making. I’m still looking for the El Magnifico vs. El Terrible Arena set. I don’t care that he’s a Mexican wrestler and the set looks cheesier than fondue set made of parmesan. In the mean time, as I write this and another chapter of my Sci-fi saga, I will look over at my collection of heroes and take the joy and hope that heroes bring.

For the record, and I know you will all ask about it. My wife is ok with this little hobby of mine on three conditions. 1) it doesn’t get out of hand. 2) I keep her supplied with Star Wars figures as well, and 3) I’m not allowed to complain about her knitter/spinner stash. We have an entire closet filled with nothing but new and strange types of wool and other fibers that has exploded on more than one occasion. Each time it does, I am told not to say one word. So peace is maintained. This has also led to a notice that I take to heart. Thanks to her obsessions, I have something to get me out of trouble if I need it. No roses or chocolates for my girl! (though I’m told they are perfectly acceptable and probably should be applied more often). We joke a couple of ounces of qiviut will get me off the hook for anything up to but not including adultery. So far I have never needed to find out if how accurate it is, nor do I plan to.

However, if, and this is a titanic “if,” I can get my hands of at least three ounces of wool from Enrique the Sheep himself, then any and all is forgiven. Of course getting clippings from the Big Horned Battle Stag, a risk of almost certain battery if not death by the hands and hooves of the the Baa-Baa Bounty Hunter, so I could obtain a sample for my dear wife to weave into some spinning wasn’t a sign of my love I have no idea what is. Though I might try to get him drunk first…

Anyway, speaking of fiber, I got a note from the so called “Costumer to the Gods” herself. She asked for space on my blog for her blog. How cool is that?! We will see how this goes.

In the meantime work beckons. And I have massive return from an editor for my new book. More on that as events warrant.

More later

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