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Who isn't reading his book?

Life continues as it should, I guess. Trying to stay positive. While neither the Caffineator and the Creamery Kid nor Golden Grog hired me as they wanted more of a retail background than I could manage, I landed a temp gig doing data entry for a bicycle company. The commute is a pain and the pay isn’t that much but it’s better than I would have gotten at either establishment. But, hey, a job's a job. It also allows me the rarest of commodities in most of the jobs that the wife and I could find, a full hour lunch. This gives me time to write on my laptop and try to find out what is going on in my next sci-fi novel and just get my time in after scarfing down a sandwich or what have you.

If the muse doesn’t catch me, I have my back ups. One is a casino program that is pretty much just there as a time killer when I can’t get my butt in gear. It’s used a bit too often for my tastes and yet, I‘m not uninstalling it any time soon so what does that tell you? The other is a book I bring with me in my backpack, my so called Gag-Bag.

The book right now, you ask? Do you even have to guess? "How to be a Hero," by Dr. Felix Styx, AKA Doctor Quantum. Oh, like you don’t have something you geek out about.

I have to say it’s pretty fascinating. Besides his relaxed and nonjudgmental writing style, something rare in the self help variety of books that, on average, I try to ignore, he treats all pain equally, recognizes situational differences, and tries to be as uplifting as possible, even if the reader is pretty much at the end of their collective rope. Mostly, he reinforces the opinion that the world at it’s core is a good and noble place, that we can, with will and effort, actually make it a utopia of sorts where people feel protected, nurtured, and at peace. At his central message of this book, no matter how down trodden or how victimized a person is, they can, should they have the will and the hope, be a symbol of something greater and help those around them. We can all embrace life as a hero, if we choose. And those that can’t or don’t aren’t weak or helpless either, but like a supers team, others can assist until they are strong enough to defend others. It’s a great message. We are all in this together and we can be something great if we truly wish to be. I guess that’s one of the reasons his critics often make him sound like Willy Wonka, or Gene Roddenbery in the later years. But then who among his critics has gone toe to toe with Xenos, Water Witch, Mammoth, or Grand Master Grav, or even the Entity itself!

And what did he do after achieving such fame? Did he while it away on luxuries or crowning himself emperor or something or other? Did he try to create a new kingdom of metas like Chevron or Lord Quantum did? No, he was the first to open hospitals and training ground for metas after the Unicorn Blight hit. He stage managed the creation of the Quantum Academy, Quantum tower, and established Quantum’s Questers. He integrated metas and norms as much as possible advocating a pattern of working together, a positive symbiosis. Who else can say that?

OK, yes there is Golden Triscale Industries and their Triscalers. CEO Jessica Montebank has both advocated with him and against him, but that’s what rival companies do right? Rarely has she talked about symbiosis or a golden age, or anything like that. What words does she keep using? Security, Defense, and opportunity. We have heard those words before from profiteers. (Legal: no, I’m not accusing them of any wrong doings or ethical violations. I have no evidence collaborating those statements. If any at GTI is reading this, please remember, that this is just a personal journal filled with the rants of a fan who is still bitter over loosing treasured items attached with said organization. Oh, for the love of… I’m a Mets fan, and you’re the Yankees. Just deal ok?) So yes, there is a reason I’m a huge fan of the man, his extended quantum famiy, and his organization as a whole. Actually, I’m kind of glad they moved into the Transnational Pyramid and dubbed it the Quantum Tower. And yes, I’m sorry to hear they got evicted.

There is one small silver lining that I guess I have to mention. Brigdeton is brimming now. With San Niebla getting far to expensive to live anymore unless you are GTI employees or a handful or people lucky enough, more and more people are coming up here. Now I have a rant about that that takes longer than you can think. I’ll try to include in on further entries just to get it off my chest. But this also opens the door to the Quantums. I’m told they have some of the Quester team searching the city and surrounding environs for another auxiliary location. Who knows, maybe they will move here.

I say this to me as much to anyone else today

Keep Dreaming


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