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Sub Rosa

Are we still here?

We are?

Good, just checking.

It looks like the Golden Triscale Industries in the neighborhood accidentally knocked out power for two local blocks. They say it was when they hit a power line with a maintenance truck. If that was the case, why did Formora herself show up. And how exactly do they expect us to believe, first that she isn’t there? First of all, she is woman who can grow up to 50 feet in height with proportional strength who’s skin turns to stone or bark or something usually wearing something bright green with a shamrock over the heart. Most people can spot a four leaf clover when it’s seven feet wide.

Then they had the nerve to tells the public that she just happened to be there on a conference, something about conglomerating the small factions that make up the GTI label? That’s just nuts. Semper SubRosa, a guy on one of my lists, suggests that Formora, the most renown of the Triscalers, was there to stop some experiment gone wrong. Apparently a local drone enthusiast posted a blurry picture of Formora and a team of Triscalers trying to get a fiery entity like an genie or a Djinn back into a mirror somewhere in the complex that GTI has bought out from the former global tech giant that feel to pieces long before I got here, so I never learned the name. Everyone here either calls it the Tech Center or GTI Now. There are four other pics posted but each was corrupted. He also suggests that an entity called the Green Man in local legend was there to make short work of the “Ifrit.” Of course, Semper still doesn’t trust them after he “discovered,” get this, that GTI was the ones behind the Unicorn Blight a few years ago and not a band of terrorists and extremists. He also believes that until 2001, far fewer metahumans existed. Sure that’s true Semper, as the blight made more metas possible while it killed off 4.3 million people from the world’s population. But that still doesn’t take into account reports of the the Cane as early as 1914 or the great grandparents the Lyons dynasty, Captain Nathaniel Lyons and Lady Elizabeth Lambert where known to stop monsters as early as 1867. By all accounts he had super-strength and a powerful roar while she controlled some energy field only called “Aether Green” at the time. Aether Green? Well, it’s a romantic name I’ll give it that.

Look, I know not everyone follows the Heroes as closely as I do. (Everyone has to have a hobby right?) I also know that there have been heroes for a very long time. People even attribute stories of demi-gods with the meta gene and early records of people doing supernatural achievement. There are some who even classify Gilgamesh and Enkidu as the first meta humans and first team up. Personally, I think that would be cool, but again, I’m a romantic. I don’t know. Maybe there have been these kinds of people for centuries and it’s organizations like GTI that have been hiding it, glamorizing it up as narrative for their own purposes, and using those they could control to their various ends. I mean who wouldn’t try to use that kind of unexplainable power to further their goals and probably confuse and control the populace.

Great. Thanks, Semper. Now you got me thinking this way. I can hear him now. “Only now are your eyes open, young one. They have been watching you and now you can see them too.” This is why I have to head down to the Grog later. Get these ideas out of my head.

More soon, Everyone in Internet Land….

Keep on Dreaming


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