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Keep Dreaming.  We Create.

That's Me!  

I'm DS Ellis

Creator, Operator, and Dreamer of Temporal Playground productions.

Here you will find more information about me and my creations.  You can find information on my novels, FAULTY DESTINIES, LYCANTHS, and others in production.

You might be interesting In FREE CHANGE COMICS, my fictional Blog and the universe it inhabits as well as the art and comics in production. 



You can also find and listen to my upcoming podcast, SOME SCHMUCK WITH A MICROPHONE.  

Also this is the home for BABYLON 5: ODYSSEY, a Let's Play RPG Podcast. Join us on the adventure on the TauMarie Celestia and the dangers from BEYOND THE STARS!  Set in the Babylon 5 universe.

You can also contact me for questions, advice, content editing services, or general discussions.  I offer story counselling, brain storming sessions, GM advice, and other creative resources.

This page will expand as more things pop up so be sure to take a look later.

Thanks again!

Keep Dreaming


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